There have been many technological advances over the last few years that have completely changed the way we listen to and enjoy our music today. If you are a music artist in today’s age, promoting your music online has opened up lots of chances to reach your fan base that was basically nonexistent in the past. There has actually been no better time in history for music artist to be able to independently earn money off of their music than today. In the past music, artists had to get signed and backed by a record label or circulation company in order to get their music out there. The conventional way to market our music has actually evolved together with the development of technology. The same way CDs came and changed the vinyl, mp3 players and iPods have come and replaced CDs. The web has actually made it easier for music artists to be able to reach international audiences around the world. Today numerous opportunities are available to us through the power of the web and digital distribution. Below are 5 methods music artists can efficiently market and promote their music online.

1. Develop A Site

One method an independent music artist can get direct exposure and build a web existence is by producing a website. This is a way for people to check out your music and perhaps sell your music. A few of the things you want to have on your site consist of a digital gamer or some way to showcase your music, some details about you or your band, and some contact info. You can also create a newsletter on your site to correspond with your fans and keep them updated on your upcoming events, brand-new releases, programs, merchandise, etc.

2. Post Videos on YouTube

Videos are a great way to widen your fan base. Your fans will be able to connect with a visual experience of your life. This is a great way to express feelings that you cannot typically convey through an email or text. Whether you make a video of you in the studio working on a tune, a video of you chilling, consuming a hamburger or you at a show, you constantly wish to keep them engaged and interested. Constantly remember to put your brand or website URL in your YouTube videos

3. Post music on totally free and paid websites

There are a variety of free and paid websites that you can submit your music to. You can even sell your music on a few of these sites or put them up for download. Either way, this is an excellent way to get exposure and increase brand awareness.

4. Social media

The social network is among the best methods to promote your music online. With millions of people using Twitter and Facebook on a day to day basis to engage with individuals all over the world, you too can utilize this technique to get your marketing message out there which in turn will get your music the maximum direct exposure and boost presence.This is also an excellent method to network with other music artists, manufacturers, promoters, blog writers, DJS, and A&R s.

5. Send music to media outlets

Today everyone utilizes the web to find exactly what they require, even services. There are numerous media outlets on the internet trying to find fresh brand-new skill and brand-new music such as internet radio stations, TV stations, independent distribution business, simply to name a few. They are all over the web and always need music. It is much easier today to get access to these significant outlets and most times they can be reached by a telephone call or easy e-mail with a sample of your music.

These are a couple of simple ways you can begin to promote your music online and get your music out there. I hope these approaches help.